Custom Design

Custom Design

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Highly Detailed

The Master Plan

The Master Plan is the concept behind the site design and the starting point for every project. Willow Creek analyzes the space and, taking into account the client’s needs and how the space will be used, creates an overall vision for the environment. Working with the area’s square footage, existing and future building footprints and the landscape’s natural elements, a conceptual design is created to bring functionality and artistry to the site.

Natural Elements


Concept Design


The Willow Creek Design

With site documentation and client preferences compiled, a member of Willow Creek design team will begin developing a detailed landscape design. Careful thought is put into every aspect of the design, taking into consideration existing conditions, exposure, drainage, lighting conditions, soil type and other environmental variables. When the design is completed it is presented to the client for review. Once approved, we can provide estimates for all portions of the design.

Working With Excellent

And High Quality

Willow Creek Land Design has more than 15+ years making custom landscaping design in the Greater North Shore Area.


Willow Creek Land Design boasts educated, experienced and talented team members. With degrees and certifications related to the field, we are qualified to care for your lawn, gardens and trees, as well as to design and build you the outdoor living space you’ve been dreaming about or simply manicure your property to perfection.


We care about our work. And more importantly, we care that YOU are happy with our work. Willow Creek Land Design is committed to working tirelessly and efficiently, offering the latest techniques and quality products that are available.


From Concept to Completion

Beginning with the initial consultation and continuing through subsequent meetings and site visits, a program for the design will be created. This program will consider all aspects of the site including: existing conditions, views, exposure, soil and topography. The program will then expand to include masonry, grading, drainage, irrigation, lighting and planting. Planting details include: size, texture, color, bloom time and scent. As this program develops from plan to design, attention is also given to the technical requirements of the site, which may include: erosion control, wetland requirements or accessibility issues. These technical requirements are then addressed to ensure success of the final design

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